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Design Objects with Gauthier Poulain

The beginning of a beautiful collaboration with Gauthier Poulain led to the creation of a collection of limited
edition of art and utilities : a mirror, a space separator and two high tables, all created with one of my original abstract photographs.


Destination Tables

I created and launched in september 2015 my very first design object being a coffee table model called Destination. This title is a tribute to my grandmother Maria Theresa Ullens, an archaeologist, lecturer, photographer, and above all, a great traveler. Each Destination represents a visual, which is an original photographic work created especially for the collection of this furniture. The brushed steel base is drawn and designed by Hughes d’Oultremont, a talented young Belgian artisan ironworker.


Carpets with Nathalie Didden

I have the opportunity to unveil my first creation of a rug in collaboration with Nathalie Didden (Tiger Lily). This is the first carpet who was made from my abstract photogrpahs. others creations will follow.


All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières