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positioning statement

Photography is and has always been at the very heart of my work and for me it is the ideal medium to express and share emotions. I take a deliberately aesthetic and sensorial approach to bring wellbeing to the audience. And having also the spirit of a scientist, I enjoy pushing its boundaries ever farther and further!


The particular energy brought by light and colour is vital for me. Following my near-death experience in my childhood, light naturally later became the central theme and the driving force as well of all my creations.


Photography gives me the opportunity to explore my feelings with light and colour through abstraction. By making my camera travel in time and space, I create fairy-like imaginary worlds mostly from ordinary objects. I see photography as a painter and I use my camera as a brush. The metamorphosis of the subject is achieved directly during the capture without the need for computerized retouching or effects.


Within my works, I developed several themes: Pictorial, Kinetic, Optic, Urban Traces, Pure Nature and LikeAPainting.


My project is to mix photography with other forms of Art.


Since 2011, I extended the possibilities of photography by associating it to other media:

• I started in 2011 with my first monumental installation, Metamorphosis.

• In 2013, monumental sculptures with Crescend'O and Délivrance.

• In 2015, design creations with a series of coffee tables Destination.

• In 2017, working with my team on architectural projects.

• In 2020, challenging the boundaries between painting and photography with my series LikeAPainting

• In 2022, I founded “The Borders”, a new European Artistic Movement that brings together artists who question and test the limit of abstract photography.






All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières