The photography that I call pictorial is a body of work I've developed with nuances of color close to the painter's palette. In function of rhythms, colors and forms, I explore abstraction through a variety of themes such as landscapes, seascapes, monochromes and other subjects always allied to a positive emotion. The abstraction of colors is associated with a light that is all-enveloping and bountiful. My pictorial photographs approximate the movement found in abstract expressionism, and more particularly in the Color Field paintings of Mark Rothko that invite contemplation and meditation.

Pure Nature

The effects achieved by the movement and dance of my camera during shooting allows me to work on the motion of light. The energy of this motion is directly captured by the camera and then fixed on the photographic print without involving any other intervention. The sources of light and the play of reflections rendered by the subject provoke a visual experience closely akin to kinetic art and the experiments of Moholy-Nagy, which "use light as a formal primary factor, creating space and movement, and eliminating the central perspective of photography."

All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières